One More Light

Before I gave my testimony for the first time, I came across this song and was stricken with its emotion and message.  It was written about losing someone you love (specifically, about a friend who died of cancer).  I thought about Chester Bennington’s (the lead singer) suicide that happened only a couple of months after this song was released (and before this video was produced, which the band did as a tribute to him).  No one knows what is going on in the mind of a suicidal person.  But I can’t help but think that as Chester performed this song in the last weeks of his life and sung the lyrics, “who cares if one more light goes out . . . who cares if someone’s time runs out,” was he was projecting the words onto himself and thinking, “no one cares?”

The song begins with the lines, “should’ve stayed, were there signs I ignored . . . can I help you not to hurt anymore?”  If you know someone who is depressed, these lines should resonate with you.  Don’t second guess yourself by any means; chances are you didn’t ignore signs, you just didn’t have the tools to recognize them and understand their importance.  But sitting with the person and just asking how you can help, or being a listening ear, can be very important and therapeutic.

For those of you who are suffering, think of the chorus:  “who cares if one more light goes out . . . who cares if someone’s time runs out.”  Trust me, people care.  I care.  For every suicide there are approximately 150 people who are directly or indirected affected.  People do care.  I thought that my friends and family would be happy if I died.  Listen to the entire song and understand its message of hurt and pain of losing someone.  They would not be happy.

You are loved.

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