A Video Testimony

Here is a video of my testimony that I gave at the Sycamore View Church of Christ (Memphis, TN) Celebrate Recovery on February 20, 2018.  This is the third time I’ve given my testimony; the one before this one was at my home CR group at Highpoint Church.

I like public speaking.  I enjoy giving my testimony, because 1) I like to talk, and 2) people may benefit from it.  Actually, the entire purpose of presenting my testimony is to help people.  That’s why you’ll notice that my testimony is more than just telling my story.  I also present what I wish I had known when I was at rock-bottom and guidance for people who know someone suffering from depression.

This testimony was challenging for me, not because of fear, but because of self-doubt about my ability to speak the message God wants me to deliver.  I was under a time constraint; I had much less time than I did the last time I spoke, and I had to leave out parts of my story.  It was also a more intimate setting than I expected.  It’s one thing for someone to think they gave a poor presentation, but it’s another for someone with issues of worthlessness and shame.  Instead of thinking, “I did a poor job,” I thought that I was a poor speaker and people were judging me.  But God revealed soon afterwards that people were responding.  That my words had an impact.  I left that evening knowing that at least one thing I said meant something to somebody.

I began my testimony with a clip from the music video of “One More Light” by Linkin Park (the video is linked in another post).  And if anyone is taking notes, when I talk about the “five things,” the second should be, “I care about you.”  Not sure how it came out to be, “I’m here for you.”  Close, but a subtle difference.

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